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Have a problem with your system? Why wait 3-5 days before it gets fixed. K&T Home Entertainment will do everything possible to have you up and running when you need it.

Home Theater Design

Tired of being disappointed at the movie theater because of distractions? Why not bring the theater home. Let's face it; going to the movies is getting costly. Not to mention-- peace and quiet. Having a dedicated theater in your own house has huge advantages, not to mention it's pretty cool to say you have your own theater.

Whole House Systems

Enjoy listening to any source of music whether it is from an I-pod, radio, or cd in any room you choose. If you enjoy entertaining, don't forget to put the music outside.

Installation Services

Tired of having those unsightly wires draped across the floor? When it comes to custom installation, K&T Home Entertainment takes installation a step further to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Structured Wiring

What is it? It is the backbone of your homes technology. Whether it is for TV, phone, internet, music and or video, it is a wonderful thing. Why pull out the old photo albums when you can just have the images appear on your TV? Why not print a document from anywhere in the house? Why Not? The list goes on and on. The Sky Is The Limit.

New Construction

Whether you are building for today, or the future, don't forget to put the fun in. It will cost up to 3 times as much to retrofit a home for just about anything. Audio and video is a place where family and friends gather, so do not forget to wire for it. Once the wires are in the walls and ceilings, you can always add as you wish.